2 06 2011

Sijambo friends!

Finally in Tanzania. I arrived 2 days ago without any complications, and have been getting a crash course on life in Africa.

Yesterday we walked around the city for like 4 hours. We got phones, bought WATER (omg need so much water), and little things for the kids. People here are incredibly friendly… especially the men (O_O). I’m pretty sure I’m the first Azn most of the people here have ever seen or talked to. The following dialogue will explain why I feel this way.

Scene: walking down the road at around noon-ish with another girl here from the States (Sabrina), and a person who works for my organization (Tanzanian – Idi). A HUGE (what I presume to be) trash truck is stopped by the side of the road that we’re walking along.

A man in the truck starts speaking rapid fire Swahili as we pass by. By this time I had already learned to ignore it mainly because it literally happened like 18903712894713094 times already that day because of course they need to comment on the foreigners walking around. Idi starts laughing and turns around to me and says that someone wants to talk/meet me. Obviously I’m down to meet anyone so I turn around.

The guy jumps probably 15 ft down onto the sidewalk from the truck. He comes up to me and I shake his hand… which he precedes to hold for the next 15 minutes as this conversation is going on.

Truck Man: kasdhf kasdlfhsdkafghfweiophfewugw hairsg h aw riogwebgsdaiogbsioabgiobvo radiofh aosdkg sadg

Me: O_o?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

Truck Man: sdiohasd gjwraghweiogwbhgioasbgs ogbaiog brgawirog bioabg oiar g


Idi: *laughs histerically*

Truck Man: (to Idi in Swahili, which I understand) Help me!

Idi: He says that he wanted to meet you because he loves yellow people (I taught him that little gem earlier in the day).


Truck Man: iodkfsadklhfsdaklfhsdkl hsadklfh skld hsdal hsadk hsklahfkdh skladhasldkh alskdh klasdhfaskdl

Idi: He says that he is very excited to meet you because every time he follows yellow people to try and talk to them, they run away screaming because they think he’s going to ROB THEM!


Truck Man: kosafhsdjkfhsdkfhd sdiksj osdj aj osdj ospaj ksdjfksdlfjsdklfjskl

Idi: He says he loves you and wants to marry you.

Me: ……………………………………lolz?

Idi: (to Truck Man in Swahili) Bye…

Me: BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. (pulls me hand out of his and runs away as if he is robbing me)


So… that’s what walking around downtown Arusha is like. This happened… a lot.

But anyway, last night went to the orphanage area . WOOOO! It’s a little ways off the beaten path, and is basically situated in the jungle. Sabrina and I took a nap, and when we woke up around 7pm or so, the lights were all out. Apparently blackouts happen literally every day at some point. Night is the worst though because you’re in the jungle and it is madddd PITCH BLACK. So we ate dinner by candle light, and got ready by the light on our phones. It’s… interesting.

This morning we walked up the mountain (quick 10 minute jaunt) and stayed in class with the kids. THEY ARE SO FREAKING ADORABLE OMFGWTFBBQ. They call me “Teacher AnJEYla”. It might just be about the cutest thing in the world. The are so fascinated by my hair. They played with it all morning and kept stroking it and braiding it (<3). I gave them some balloons I had bought here as well as a bunch of little plastic racing cars. LOVED THEM SO MUCH. The littlest things go a long way. Too bad some of them started eating the popped balloons… it was weird. We taught them how to write the numbers 21-40 (obviously I am enriching young minds).

Tonight apparently, all the foreigners (as well as a good amount of locals) are hitting up a club called Via Via. I’m excited to try Tanzanian gin (Unyagi… or something like that). We have to travel in packs here though because you CANNOT walk by yourself here at night, no matter where it is.

But in any case, I HAVE A CELL PHONE HERE. You can call me anytime during the day (7 hours ahead of EST) by dialing 011255766916892. Hope to hear from some of you!





5 responses

2 06 2011
Hui Hung

Omg AnJEYla!!! I am soooo jelly of you right now! How long are you going to be in Tanzy for?

Love the stories — literally ROTFL! Wish you could post a bajillion pics right now, but I’m sure I’ll see some sometime. Be safe and love you tons!

3 06 2011

LOLZ are you totally lime green jelloooo? But I’ll be here until July 13th, so for 6 weeks. WOO!!

2 06 2011

HAHAHAHAH omgggg awesome

2 06 2011

Wow. Sounds like your having a good time. Don’t fall in love with a trash truck driver in Tanzania. I don’t think mom an dad would go for that.

7 06 2011

this is amazing. i can see you in all of these situations. LOLz, indeed. hope you’re having fun in Tanzania, ange! stay safe!

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