14 06 2011

Okay not really, but HOW FREAKING AWESOME would it be if I had? I’m pretty sure we sang EVERY SINGLE SONG from The Lion King over and over again on Safari. And literally everything we saw, we had to reference it back to something we had seen in The Lion King (TLK – and yes it needs to be acronym-ed because I will be referencing it constantly) . Definitely necessary.

So on Friday morning bright and early we left Arusha and headed towards Tarangire. It reminded me A LOT of the Pride Lands from TLK. It was pretty flat, and went on forever. There were trees here and there, but it was pretty much just some tall grasses and a whole lot of desert. There were about 129047294953457219845734901537 zebras and wildebeest. SO COOL. But honestly, there’s only so many black and white animals you can see before it gets a little monotonous. So to make things easier I’ll just list out the animals we saw


  1. Wildebeest – SO MANY
  3. Elephants – So… there were these massive elephants that like walked right in front of our Safari Truck. We ended up following them for a while. SO FREAKING COOL.
  4. Lion (Simba) – IT WAS EATING A ZEBRA OMFG
  5. Monkeys – Lots of types
  6. Birds – So many, and so pretty!
  7. Giraffes – So cool! And shy.

LAKE MANYARA – It was (obviously) a lake, so there were trees galore! But we actually didn’t see a whole lot here.

  1. Baboons – SOOOOOO MANNNYYYYYYY. And there were so many little babies. ADORABLE.
  2. Elephants
  3. Wildebeest
  4. Giraffes
  5. Birds
  6. Warthogs (Pumba)
  7. HIPPOS – They were far away, BUT little known fact: Hippos kill more people in a year than any other African animal. They are INCREDIBLY territorial, and will not hesitate to eat your face off.
  8. Yellow Bellied Bustard – I SWEAR that’s actually the name haha.

NGORONGORO CRATER – Okay so the crater is literally a huge crater. Way back in the day (like… before the Atari and shit), it was a massive volcano. The volcano erupted, wrecked a whole bunch of shit up (like Liam Neeson in EVERY MOVIE EVER), and turned into a huge gaping hole (LOLZ). You have to go up to the top from the outside, then go down again on the inside. This… was the best day. Hands freaking down. Keep reading and you will see why.

  1. Buffalos – LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS.
  2. Zebras – I literally pet one out the window. And then it tried to kick me. But omg so many
  3. Wildebeest – Little known fact: Wildebeest and zebras hang out together because the wildebeest is good at finding water and the zebra is good at detecting predators. So basically they’ve created a natural little gang (like the Crips)
  4. Giraffes
  5. Cheetah – I was craving Cheetos for some reason 🙂
  6. Rhinos – SO COOL. But they were far away and literally just sat there
  7. Hyenas – We kept seeing packs of 3 which is TOTALLY like TLK. Also, hyenas kill the baby girls because they’re a matriarchal society, which is why the female hyena in TLK was the leader of the pack! Also I have a video of the female crunching on the leg of a wildebeest haha.

And because it was so cool, I have to have a separate entry for it. We saw over 15 LIONS WOOOOOOO!! The first 2 lions we saw were a male and a female together. They were just sleeping in the middle of the road, so we were like RIGHT next to them. So as we’re all freaking out over how close they are, the male lion WAKES UP. He’s just checking out the 15 safari cars that are by him, and he’s so unconcerned with everything. Our car was like RIGHT by the female to the point where all I had to do was stick my hand out of the window and I would be touching her. So, retard that I am, I stick half my body out of the window to try and get a picture next to her. I got yelled at by every single safari driver there, and then was forced to roll up the window haha. So like I said in my earlier entry, I would have been one of the 99 people out of 100 that gets eaten by a lion. But anyway, the male lion gets up and actually walks to our car… not to eat us but to sit in the shade of our shadow. Basically, it was the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me.

So anyway, that was safari! It was totally worth every penny (thanks mom&dad!!!). The food was awesome, and we got to sleep in a tent under the stars. The water we used to shower was brown though… so that was weird. But everything else rocked my socks off! If you guys ever have the opportunity to go on safari, TAKE IT. And take me with you too 🙂

So I’ll try and post again soon because I really want to talk about a phenomenon called “This is Africa” or “T.I.A.”, but I want to spread out my posts haha because I’m not interesting enough to be funny for that long. But yeah, definitely email me if you want to know more about anything! MISS YOU ALL!





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14 06 2011
Ben Andersen

BAHAHAHA…these posts are hilarious. I can easily see you being the single most awed and amazed person that those people have ever seen at the safari park…wish you’d been with us on the trip I took out there.

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