Bongo Flava

5 06 2011

So it’s Sunday evening here, and I’m finally back at the orphanage. This weekend was filled with laughter, wonderment, tears (sort of), and a whole lot of WTF moments.

Update on the children:

  • They’re still continuing to eat popped balloons 😦 and have now moved on to eating bits of styrofoam (YIKES)
  • One of the orphan girls was playing with a toothpaste box (SADNESS) in lieu of any real toys
  • They wash all of their own clothes BY HAND with just a bucket of water and a bar of soap
  • We ran around in circles holding hands for about 15 minutes until I got dizzy and almost vomited lol… they thought it was hilarious

So anyway, more info about Tanzania… the public bus is called the Dala Dala and is basically a large run-down van that is supposed to seat around 16, but gets filled with about 34 people (that’s the highest I’ve counted). People are literally out of the door holding on to the ceiling trying with all their might to hold on. Saturday we went to the waterfalls in Marangu which is about 3 1/2 hours away. We took 2 DD’s each way, and at one point my head was hanging out of a window because it didn’t fit in the van. YAY for African traffic safety laws!

The waterfall we went to was probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. We had to climb over rocks and trek through woods (and stop by grandmother’s house on the way) for about 4 miles to get there. Then to get to the actual waterfall area you basically have to rock climb down the side of this mountain with only flimsy bamboo railings to keep you from plunging to a muddy rocky death. Then once you get to the waterfall, to actually be in the nicer areas you have to swim across the river while 80 mph freezing rapids are trying to tear you apart. This entire time the stones on the river floor and bank are puncturing and bruising your bare feet. Then after basically being on the brink of death for about 3 hours, you have to climb back UP the muddy mountain and go all the way back to the city.


If I could live there forever I would. It’s literally paradise on earth. I would have Cabana Boys bring me food and drinks, and just sit by the waterfall and look at the 32894712918429 rainbows (and by which I mean 2). It literally almost killed me getting there (I was pulled under the current at one point), but WOW it was worth it.

But okay, enough about scenery and landmarks blahblahblah. What I’m sure you all (the 3 people that read this… thanks Ben!) actually want to hear about is the nightlife… which has inspired the title of this post. Bongo Flava is what they call Tanzanian music. It’s a bit tribal, and a whole lot of R&B. Another little anecdote about Africa: everybody here can dance as if they were doing it since they came out of the womb… which is exactly what happens. The kids in school since songs all day long and play games, and all of them include hardcore booty shakin’.

So once again I was the only asian girl there (I saw 2 azn men WTF?!). And once again I must reiterate that African men are incredibly friendly. I won’t go into details (for obvious reasons… mom&dad), but it was SO much fun. Even though people do grind on the dance floor, it’s not as nastydirty as a Thursday night at Feve or a Friday night at Finny’s. Everybody just wants to dance and move their bodies. It’s pure fun and I absolutely love it! You can just let go and have a good time. And the music is ridic good. You can’t help but love it.

But okay the power is slated to go off in about 5 minutes (BOOOOOO) so I have to cut this short. New posts sometime this week soon.

Miss all of you!!